Heather Campbell

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Seattle, WA

Heather Campbell

I’ve learned that a mixture of insatiable curiosity, hard work, careful listening, thoughtful questions and planning, and a wicked sense of humor can conquer any content task.

My mantra? Make it clear, concise and useful.



Alaska Airlines - My account Mileage Plan beta test

During the fall of 2018, I worked with designer Amanda Matlock to create the copy needed for the beta version of the Mileage Plan section of the My account page on I wrote UX copy for both the non-elite and elite Mileage Plan member experiences.

Alaska Airlines - policy project - REAL ID

I wrote the copy for this page as the central hub and starting point for our company-wide project on communication about REAL ID-compliant identification - which will be required to fly within the US beginning October 1, 2020 (get yours now!) Communication will continue across all digital channels, as well as within airports, on physical media, and any other creative ways we can find to help guests get the ID they'll need.

Alaska Airlines - mobile app

I worked with Sharryn Bolger on the mobile team to write the updates for both the App Story descriptive copy, and to make updates to copy within the app itself. Link to Story

Alaska Airlines feature section - community involvement

In 2019, Alaska Airlines launched an effort called LIFT as an umbrella program to guide how we talk about all of the ways we're involved in the communities we live in and fly to every day. For this section, I researched our existing website content for all of the places we already talked about our community involvement, and made recommendations about what content needed to be written. I worked with project owner Laura LeDoux and our design team to build this new section as a hub, writing and using SEO best practices to unify the good work from all these separate sections and departments in one easy-to-use spot.

Alaska Airlines February 2020 homepage

From 2016-2020, I've been responsible for the homepage copy. This includes long term placements with external clients, like the Bank of America credit card, and shorter terms placements, which include monthly sales.

Alaska Airlines - Fly for All app

From January - July 2020, I worked with our company's accessibility expert Ray Prentice and the company Infiniteach to both write and refine copy within the app they were building. This is app is the first of its kind, designed for first-time flyers, kids traveling alone as unaccompanied minors, or guests with cognitive and developmental disabilities including autism, Fly for All helps take the anxiety out of air travel by walking them through the steps needed to get ready to fly.

Alaska Airlines feature section - military and veteran benefits

This section was created in 2018, as a way to clarify and unify the information we have to help military members and their families travel with us. Working with SEO specialist Shawn Huber and content strategist Bryan Perkins, we identified this content gap during our content audit. I researched and gathered all the military-related info I could find, and talked with our military liaison and policy teams to make sure I correctly included all of the benefits we offer. Shawn and I collaborated to make sure that both site structure and content adhered to SEO best practices.

Alaska Airlines - Packing for a music festival

I wrote an article about packing for music festivals; the long version was posted to the Alaska Airlines blog, and a condensed version was printed in Beyond Magazine, June 2017 edition.

Alaska Airlines policy page - children traveling alone

I've been responsible for copy creation and updates on policy pages from 2016-2020. I rewrote and reorganized the policy language on this page, working with the Karen Weaver and Kara Photi on the policy and customer service teams to make sure it included all the latest updates to the program, while also making it much more friendly and easier for guests to understand.

Alaska Airlines feature section - Asia Global Partners

The Alaska to Asia page was created as a way to spotlight how easy it is to use or earn Mileage Plan miles flying to Asia with global airline partners. I worked with designers Amanda Stockbridge and Brandy Collins to combine clear, concise, and useful copy with clean, vibrant imagery to tell this story.

Alaska Airlines - corporate page - Lyft

We're launching a series of corporate landing pages, focused on serving the top companies who fly with Alaska Airlines. This page for Lyft is one of the most recent examples we've completed. With the corporate sales team and our director of content serving as stakeholders, I wrote content that best highlights the benefits we an offer these business travelers. I worked with web developer Steve Turner to create a layout that would neatly combine overall benefits with specific deals that we offer Lyft.

Alaska Airlines - corporate page - Amazon

This is part of the corporate pages project, during which we're launching a series of pages designed to help employees of our corporate partners fly smart, and land happy.


Heather Campbell

During a career spent writing, editing, and curating content, I’ve learned that a mixture of insatiable curiosity, hard work, careful listening, thoughtful planning and a wicked sense of humor can conquer any task.
My mantra? Make it clear, concise and useful.

I’m dedicated to doing everything possible to delight and intrigue customers, which means learning about the things they love - and those they don’t - then innovating and using every tool I have to connect them to the sounds and sights that will keep them coming back.

I am available for full time, part time, and freelance opportunities that are challenging and offer an opportunity to create content that inspires, entertains and delights anyone who visits your site.



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